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• Reduce government bureaucracy

Improve the processing times for municipal permits to attract investment and foster the creation and expansion of businesses.

• Support entrepreneurs and attract new businesses

-Develop financing plans for small and medium-sized enterprises to boost their growth. - Bring back companies that have moved to other cities due to lack of benefits.

• Improve security.

Implement real solutions to ensure the safety of residents by increasing police presence on the streets and enhancing neighborhood watch programs.

• Protect residents against abuses by homeowners and Condominium associations.

Create a realistic plan to ensure transparency and law compliance through partnerships and task force with various law enforcement agencies.

• Zero Tolerance for drug use and bullying experienced by our children, youth, and adolescents.

Develop specific programs to eradicate bullying and drug use.

• Establish an assistance office for visitors and new immigrants.
• Work hand in hand with county and state officials to address the traffic issues affecting the city.
• Review the trolley system and routes,
• More frequencies and smaller units
• Implement sports programs in collaboration with the private sector

To reduce obesity, enhance health, and improve quality of life.

• Develop assistance plans for the high cost of rent affecting our workforce and seniors.
• Mental health, everyone's responsibility.

Implement wellness programs to enhance access to mental health care for families and seniors living in isolation.