Juan Carlos Esquivel

As your next Councilman I am committed to take Doral to the “Next Level”

We do not need more laws that affect the quality of life of our residents, on the contrary, we need good administration of our city’s resources to avoid tax increases that impact us all in the short and long term.

Our reserves have been affected by bad decisions made in recent years by the current administration, they have mishandled our resources, spending more and indebting our city due to whims and self-centered acts, ensuring their well-being and personal safety through pensions that in the long term  will affect the pockets of all of us who live here, perhaps today’s sums are not alarming, Doral is the youngest city in Miami-Dade, in a blink of an eye the indebtedness will get out of control and if we do not make correct decisions and elect members of our community who suffer and identify with the same problems that their neighbors go through in order to direct the coffers and correctly decide our future.

We have seen hundreds of qualified employees quit over the years from our city. The current administration above that, imposes unattainable requirements and work experience for those who with good merit and qualifications cannot be hired in our beautiful city.

We have paid and negotiated any number of lawsuits and conditional settlements out of court to avoid scandals due to the secrecy of information and silence of the cases, to our residents.

In the last three and a half years, the only thing my opponent has done is line up with the majority of the council, unanimously approving each ordinance or proposal without evaluating the negative or collateral effect on our residents. When the charter of our City of Doral was made precisely so that the five members of our local government would be impartial and diverse, neutral and for the benefit of our residents, guaranteeing them a better quality of life.

Hundreds of businesses have had to close their doors and others that never started since the owners ran out of liquidity and capital waiting for permits, due to the extensive regulations and bureaucracy that our Building and Zoning department has (these processes must be reviewed and run by people specialized in the matter)

Our public transportation is outdated, and poorly designed, trolling routes need to be restructured to interconnect from north to south and east to west for better effectiveness.

Thousands of children and elderly people have respiratory problems due to bad odors and particles that deplore the chimneys of the Garbage burner (COVANTA) within our city- which is obsolete and must be moved from Doral and take advantage of these facilities with a solar power plant free of pollution and emission of harmful gases for our families.

Our roads and streets must be widened and those that are the responsibility of the county and the state we must pressure them to do so, otherwise we will have to do it ourselves and bill the responsible entity, as allowed, and required by law! Enough of cronyism – elected officials must act and stop talking – with Esquivel together we will take Doral to another level.

I am Juan Carlos Esquivel, Candidate for Doral City Council Seat No. 4 – This November 8, 2022,  I humbly ask for your vote so that together we will seek a balance in government and be able to take our city to the next level.