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Son of a Cuban immigrant, Juan Carlos Esquivel was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on December 29, 1965. He has lived in Miami since he was 12 years old. During his school years, he studied at Rockway Junior and Coral Park Senior High. He attended Miami Dade College and has started pursuing an MBA in International Business at Humboldt International University. Esquivel has been married to Nancy for the past 29 years; he is a father of four and a grandfather of three. The Esquivel family is large and very close-knit, with three generations involved in the transportation and logistics industry.

During Esquivel's 38-year career in logistics, he worked for two shipping lines in South Florida and established his first company, Universal Freightways, in the Doral area in 1991. The company employed over 75 people who handled freight transportation for many multinational and local companies from the United States to Latin America. In 1997, Universal Freightways was recognized as one of the top 10 freight transportation companies by cargo volume to South America. The company had offices in Doral, New Jersey, Houston, the Dominican Republic, and all major cities in Venezuela. In 2001, due to the deregulation of the maritime industry and a significant number of mergers and acquisitions among his clients, he decided to sell to one of his main competitors. Throughout his career, Esquivel has developed hundreds of job opportunities in multiple organizations.

As a senior executive in logistics, he has led teams of administrators, analysts, and information managers, providing administrative and distribution logistics support to organizations of all sizes. Currently, he owns Port Logistics Solutions Corporation, a global logistics services provider serving over 165 countries. Esquivel possesses exceptional oral, written, and analytical communication skills and is capable of fostering a teamwork and cooperation environment, demonstrating proven leadership in organizations of any size.

Esquivel has served his community for over 30 years as a director in major nonprofit organizations, with the ability to motivate and inspire people to identify their potential and continue sharing their passion for serving others. He has promoted significant positive changes in communities and individuals through the advocacy of their rights, empowered by compassion and grounded in a strong foundation of leadership and civic values. He has successfully managed and assisted in fundraising events, helping children, families, and communities affected by national disasters.

With the spirit and commitment to working for the residents of the city of Doral, Florida, Juan Carlos Esquivel ran as a candidate in the 2020 Doral City Elections for Council Seat No. 3 and for Seat No. 4 in 2022, obtaining over 13,000 combined votes. He has served as the Chairman of the Economic Development Advisory Board and as an activist on multiple issues affecting the quality of life of Doral residents. He is the President and CEO of Doral Voice Corporation, a streaming radio station serving the Doral community. With his vast business experience and proven track record as a public servant, Esquivel understands the needs and priorities of all Doral residents. He will safeguard their best interests and represent them with the integrity and respect they deserve from a public servant of our beautiful city of Doral.