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Juan Carlos Esquivel

Moved to the United States from his native Venezuela in 1977. Member of a tight-knit family, Esquivel has seen activism and community involvement from his Cuban immigrant father since very early in his life. He is a loving husband to his wife Nancy for 28 years, has seven siblings, four children, and three grandchildren, an exceptional Family man.

As your next councilman I am committed to:

  • Reviewing and optimize the city budget by rethinking the investment priorities and end overspending our resources to avoid high taxes.
  • Repeal the recently approved, retirement pensions for Elected Officials, which is financially unsustainable for our city.
  • Propose the establishment of a specialized task force to deal with our HOA’s and Condo Associations Fraud claims.
  • Work with County to improve and find solutions to our traffic problems, specially synchronizing our Traffic Lights in our main streets.
  • Upgrade and review the trolley routes and bus shelters.
  • Review policies and procedures to create processes that promote efficiency in all departments
  • Support entrepreneurs and encourage investment in our city. Targeting new industries with growth potential.
  • Provide solutions to streamline permitting
  • Establish new programs for our senior citizens to provide a better quality of life.
  • Create incentives to promote low impact development geared to work Force housing, to deal with the increased housing prices.
  • Promote Doral’s diverse and enriched cultures, through art, music and culinary experiences.
  • Improve management of arts, sports, and entertainment programs and optimizating existing and new park infrastructure
  • I will propose the suspension of the Red Light Cameras

I am Juan Carlos Esquivel and I am running to become your next Councilman for seat No. 4 in the Doral City Council.

My major endorsements!

In my 2020 Election for Seat No. 3, I received 7,077 endorsements from our Residents by honoring me with their votes and believing in my political ethics and platform.  Thank you!


As your next Councilman I am committed in taking Doral to the “Next Level”

There is no doubt that Doral, is a beautiful city that offers its residents the best and greatest possibilities. Nevertheless, it is regrettable that after 18 years of its foundation we are going through difficult times and without the support of our local authorities.

The high cost of living and food prices have skyrocketed, and wages have stagnated affecting the quality of life for our residents.

Crime has increased and our streets are vulnerable due to a lack of police officers – leaving the few that remain underpaid and overworked “We must support our police officers, offering competitive salaries and benefits”

My congratulations to Juan Carlos Esquivel

For running his family  contributed to the growth of International Trade to Latin  America and Caribbean from South Florida.

Rafael Puga
President RACAR Properties

Voto por Esquivel por su experiencia gerencial

porque es un servidor comprometido con la comunidad. Voto por Esquivel por su honestidad, transparencia, y por sus valores. Voto por Esquivel porque se que sera diligente para lograr su propuesta de cambio. Voto por Esquivel porque sin ninguna duda llevara a Doral a un nivel superior.

Wilson Torres
Cantante / Enterpreneur

Mi Voto es por Esquivel

Porque es una persona honesta y sin agenda de compromiso! Es quien es…

Sergio Silva

Yo Voto por Esquivel

Por su Integridad, preparación, amor por la comunidad, corazón de servicio y conocimiento extenso de la situación de la ciudad.

Jose Victor Dugand
Pastor Ekklesia Miami


Because I want a change in my city! I want new blood bringing new ideas with no previous compromise and personal agendas.

Eduardo Borrero
Telecommunications CEO

Porque conozco a esquivel!

Necesitamos caras nuevas estamos cansado de siempre lo mismo y Esquivel conoce muy bien esta cuidad siendo empresario y con esas claras ideas tendríamos un diral a otro nivel

Ricardo Lopez
Equipment Sales

Porque es Auténtico, siempre es el mismo!

Porque es una persona que ha vivido para servir, sin necesidad de ostentar títulos políticos Ahora como político sabemos que su compromiso es aún mayor

Natalia Cruz

Conoce la ciudad

Porque tiene propuestas concreatas a los problemas que yo también veo que tiene el Doral

Karina Muñoz

que porque voto por esquivel?

Les digo que “ por que es una persona seria, trabajador incansable, honesta, dedicado 100 porciento a su familia y de sólidos principios!” Por eso yo voto por el !

Karina Hernández